Life in the Salt Marsh

 The day is awakening, 
forklifts bustle at the Port across the way, 

commuters traverse potholes on the way to work. 

This morning I took a moment to slow down and visit life in the Salt Marsh. 

She welcomed my weary soul with birdsong. 

Frosted folliage surrounding the waters edge. 

Geese gracefully gliding on the water, 

Raven squawks as if to awaken the sun.

All of this beauty and quiet, right here at our footsteps. 

As the sun slowly breaks through the clouds, I am at peace. 

I am reminded that we are one with the earth, 

and she cares for us beautifully. 

We just need to ask for her solace, 

and breath deeply of the love that surrounds us. 

That is how I see life in the Salt Marsh today.



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