You will not break me 

Today was a day full of challenges.

Rude privilege,





And traffic jams.

On top of all of it, 

After hours of work,  

And piles of paper, 

And messages from loves of  the past, 

I came home,

Made dinner for my three kids, 

And said gratitudes. 

I walked into the bathroom 

To put on my well earned pajamas,

Flushed the gift someone left in the toilet, 

And it overflowed, 


I have dealt with this before, 

But today, 


Will. Not. Unclog.

Not after 15 minutes 

Or 30 minutes. 

In my half work and half pajamas, 

I fall on my bed,

In exhaustion and despair.

Where is someone, 

A partner,

When you need them? 

And then, I remembered, 

I have been through harder things. 

This sucks, 


It will not break me. 

I am made of tougher stuff than this. 

I am made of stardust, rose petals and laughter.

I come from generations of fierce warrior women.  

I will never allow, 


To break me. 


A gorgeous day 

 Today was a marvelous day. Bright visions for work and good people to be working with. 

Dresses in my size and color and the store. 

Chocolate dipped fruit at the coffee shop.

It’s been a while since I have written, life has been full. I got a promotion and I still can’t believe that I get paid to do wonderful meaningful work that I love. 

My kids are wonderful. My daughter is bright and delightful. She has her moments of being 12 and testing mom but it’s with a delightful flare that makes me smile.

My two monkey boys are playing baseball and chess, and rocking it.

Tonight I sat with a friend who is very special to me. Writing and talking and enjoying a delightful dinner of gluten free Panini’s and kale. If you haven’t been to Obsidian in downtown Olympia, go. It’s delightful. Such a lovely way to wrap up an incredibly gorgeous day. 

If only I could talk to your soul

Oh, that I could talk to your soul.

That we could be agents of change,
inspired by each other’s
passion for purpose.

history, disfunction
and hurt away.

No longer to drive our way.

We are mission focused,
driven by a fire inside
that churns for freedom.

are the days of answers known.

Only the light guides us
through the crowd of people scared,
and lost.

If only,
we could shout
“we know the way, follow us!”

in this life,
this journey.

Run towards the truth,
the feeling of home that is your birthright.

If only I could talk to your soul.

All kinds of life – savor it.

Big, bold days filled with kids laughter, work priorities, love and spiritual connection. This is my life. It’s full, overflowing at times. The schedule of sports, meetings and to do lists can feel complicated at times. This is real life.

It’s a constant act of balancing, adjusting priorities, eating more or less ice cream depending on the season.

What’s the lesson when life is full to the brim? Enjoy. Soak up the moments that fill your life with love. If you don’t, you will just feel like you are rushing around with no purpose. My purpose is love. To love my kids, my partner, my work in nonprofit service, my family, my home and my friends and neighbors. It’s really that simple.

What are you doing today to share a little love with the world? Go ahead- smile at someone, buy coffee for the person behind you in line, think the best of your boss, share an inspiring thought on Facebook. When life feels full, I give. It opens my heart even more and helps me appreciate the beauty if my abundant life. When life feels full, I savor. Soaking up the moments- the spices that make up my morning coffee, the daffodils springing awake, and the rainbows between the raindrops.

Go ahead, give yourself permission to enjoy the beauty of your life. Take off the “I’m so busy glasses” and put on your “appreciation” glasses. The view is very different. Enjoy the view!

Looking for change

Every once in awhile I get disgruntled about something, work, our house, whatever and I go looking for change. I hop on craigslist to see what else is out there. I check in with friends and see what’s new with them so I can live vicariously when my to do list feels boring.

It occurs to me that this is a reaction to the situation, whatever that might be, too much work, etc.

What would it look like if we moved towards what we want on a regular basis instead of being jump started by displeasure. I get that there are a lot of things that create change. Some of it is organic, some created by outside pressures and some change comes from listening to that quiet little voice within us.

So many of us live busy lives and how many of us honestly stop to say, “what do I want?” I mean REALLY want. I’ve done this before but it occurs to me that it is a process instead of a one time thing. What do I really want right now? It’s the same thing it was 3 months ago but I haven’t taken action on it so it’s still there. Oh.

After you have asked yourself what you really want, one of the best ways to make change is to make small changes in the direction of goal. Always wanted to be a painter? Sign up for 1 class, just 1 and check it out.

Here’s one that seems obvious but it VERY helpful…take a look at how you are spending your time. How much are you surfing facebook instead of writing the great American novel. How much are you helping others with their goals and not focusing on yours? Are you busy all the time? With what? If you want to create change, it’s important create some space for that to happen. You don’t have to drop everything, but honoring that you would like to create something new and allowing time for that is an important step in manifesting the life of your dreams.

Happy Travels!

Gratitude for this beautiful day

Today was a delicious day filled with many things to he grateful for.

As a small nonprofit, we are constantly trying to make community change happen, on a limited budget. Today a new volunteer dropped from the sky. He has a high level of expertise and is jumping right in starting tomorrow!

Tonight was our Leadership giving reception to thank our largest donors. We filled a beautiful historic old house with local foods and wines and people that love our mission. Our guest speaker is the medical director for our local free clinic. Her words were so beautifully crafted. She started by saying that people give because they are motivated by love, that it starts a chain reaction that helps those who need it the most. So beautiful. The caterer gave me flowers, left over goodies, and an auction item worth $500 dollars. The Winemaker gave me the last freshly made macaroon… Heaven.

Then I did something I’ve wanted to do for a long time, I got brave. I went over to house of someone important to me and told him things I’ve wanted to say for a very long time. I hope he really heard me, because I meant it all from the heart. And even if we never end up together again, I told him. I’m so proud of me.

I came home to the sounds of sweet kid feet running down the stairs and big huggy arms.

I am grateful.

On the open sea

I am a sailor,
out on the wide open sea.
The sun at my back,
the horizon my direction.

When I started out it was all new to me. I didn’t know how to sail so I stared down into the ocean,
curious about its mystic depths.
After awhile, my eyes started to hurt from straining to see and my neck got a crick in it. After quite sometime if doing that I realized, I was going in circles.

One day, I looked up. I saw with new bravery where I wanted to go and it wasn’t deep in the ocean anymore.

Now, I look forward. I see so much more than I did before. Possibility, expansiveness, trust.

The whole world seems open. There is so much beauty to see and explore.

A saw a bluebird fly by. Beautiful bird, I used to be fascinated by them, their song, industrious nature and beauty. And while they are lovely, it’s the eagle that catches my gaze these days. Soaring majestic and effortless. I am in awe watching their graceful movement and clear sense of direction. No more little wings flapping, just soaring from here on out.

Seeing the vast horizon in the distance, I go about learning sails and ropes. And then, I take off. Gliding easily towards the open sea.

It’s time. Time to focus on the horizon, and sail steadfastly in the direction I am meant to go.

Happy sailing.