Fire in my Belly

Do you ever feel like there is just something you were born to do? Some issue, or problem to solve and that you are the one who was meant work on it?

Well I do. I am fired up about making the world a better place, for everyone. About creating a world with equity for all that builds our communities up and brings people together.

I wake up in the morning with this fire in my belly and it burns all day long. I am passionate and committed. I am creating a revolution, a caring movement that will bring people together in solidarity and kindness as we navigate this world called life.

I get that some people can be electricians, bankers and doctors and that is their calling. My mission is that of revolutionary kindness, of hope, and strength.

This sense is so powerful and strong that it is hard to slow down and relax sometimes. I feel like there is a lot to do and no time to waste. How do people go see movies, or drink beer when there are 1.2 billion people without water, countless domestic violence acts each day, and families living out of their cars. How can we rest when our neighbors, our brothers and sisters are aching?

I have work to do, to make this world a better place. We all do, some feel more strongly about it than others. Me? I’m fired up. 

I will walk in strength, surround myself with powerful advocates and live true to my values. So that someday when long gray hair waves down my back and my grandkids ask me if I lived a good life and made a difference in the world I can say, “Absolutely. And you can too.”

What are you passionate about?


Gratitude – Day 24- Soup Sisters

 For as long as I can remember, I have surrounded myself with wise women. I’ve organized women’s circles, babysitting co-ops, knitting circles, cooking gatherings, camping trips and spirit circles.

For me there is strength when women get together. We share ideas, recipes and memories together. 

A few months ago I read an article about a group of women who had been gathering together for years and doing good things from the community. 

I decided to start a group called Soup Sisters. We have gathered several times now, at different houses, all with soup. We talk about world affairs, our lives and donate whatever we can to the small miracles fun. I adore these women. They are bright, intelligent, funny and inspiring. 

Tonight I am thankful for the sisterhood of women I am blessed to call friends. May you each feel the warmth of friendship in your lives. 

Gratitude- Day 21 – Shine 

  “You are a diamond. What other people think of you is irrelevant. Your job is just to shine.” -me. 

It’s taken me along time to embrace my shine. We all have it, but sometimes is covered up by fear, past hurt, or insecurities. 

I am fortunate to be surrounded by inspiring, brave women who are letting their light shine daily.  These two remarkable women and friends of mine just won the Women of Achievement awards for their work with at-risk youth. 

 This is my remarkable daughter who sparkles so beautifully.  

I don’t know how I finally got it – that I have something valuable to share – but I did. My confidence feels strong, and I believe that I have a gift to bring that is uniquely mine to share. We’ve come a long way baby from the young woman who had no idea how strong she was. 

Honestly, I think it’s been the challenges I have faced as a single mom that have helped transform me into someone who believes in herself. It turns out, if you can raise three kids by yourself and experience all of the middle of the night moments that stretch your courage, it changes you into a bit of a warrior. And with that, the stuff you used to put up with just doesn’t cut it anymore. You don’t have time for junk that people want to give you like judgement, possessiveness and insecurity. When that used to come my way, I would say, “sure I’ll have another helping”. Now I say, “No thank you”. 

It’s not perfect yet, but it’s so much better than it used to be. For that, I am so grateful. Because, I have things to do in this world. I have my own unique sparkle to let shine. And so do you. 

Today I am grateful for the sparkle that comes from within each of us. May you shine brightly.  The world will be a better place because you believe in yourself and let that belief radiate. 

Gratitude – Day 14 –  My Oldest Son 


This remarkable young man turned 11 this year. He is my human encyclopedia. He loves information, inventions, solving global warming, drawing comic books and building masterpieces with Legos. 

He is full of facts and knowledge, he is fasinated by space and the stars. And he is way funny and a goofball sometimes too. 

He loves the rain, and will sometimes sit outside with an umbrella just to be close to the rain. 

As I reflect on my gratitude for this beautiful boy, my heart is warm. When I was pregnant with him, I was a little nervous about having a boy. I grew up as an only child and wasn’t quite sure what to do with a little guy.

Don’t worry, he taught me. He taught me to play catch and scream loudly at his baseball games. He taught me about trucks of all kids, construction and Legos. He taught me to laugh so hard I cried, and how to bandage many a scraped knee.

Today I am thankful for my oldest son, for teaching me how to be a boy’s mom, and for bringing more joy than I could imagine into my life. 

Gratitude – Day 13 – Health and well being

imageThe rain pours down outside as my ginger tea steams and the fireplace radiates warmth.

My kids are everywhere today, cared for by the village I love so dearly, as I nurse a cold and have a little quiet time.

Today the world aches as we see the news reports from our global neighbors in France. Yesterday’s terrorist attack is unbearable and I have been struggling to find the words to express my feelings about France and the world’s strife in general. 

As usual, Dr. King says it beautifully.


Today I am grateful for health and well being for my family and the world. I am grateful to be well and be a vessel of God’s love on this earth. I am grateful for all of the helpers in Paris, Beirut, and Baghdad who are surrounding those hurt with care, compassion and healing. 

May you and the people you love feel healthy and whole today.  May you be well. 

Gratitude – Day 10- My Daughter 

My daughter turned 13 this year. It seems like yesterday she was crawling around on the floor with tiny red pigtails.

She is a bright light this one. She has great friends, she loves horses. She does her homework on time. She is very sensitive and picks up on how people are feeling easily. 

I love watching her grow. 13 has been a bit more of a challenge but she is working through it. She is very head strong and has clear opinions about life. This will serve her somday. My work seems to be about fostering  her uniqueness and encouraging her voice and not trying to squash it because it isn’t  “convenient”. 

It’s tough being a parent to a teenager sometimes. She both doesn’t want to listen to me because she wants to be her own independent person, and she loves her mom so she’s trying to find words to express her independence without hurting my feelings. It’s a fine line I am watching her walk, trying to juggle new emotions, and the rightness of growing into a remarkable young lady. 

She has so many gifts and the strength to persevere through life’s challenging moments. Watching her grow continues to be one of my life’s joys.

She is growing into a kind, fun, hilarious, intelligent, caring young woman. I am so proud to be her mother.

Today I am grateful for my beautiful daughter. She is truly beautiful inside and out. Shine little star, go for it!

Gratitude – Day 6 – A random act of kindness 


 Yesterday afternoon we met with an English Faculty member. We called her in because earlier this week we received a call from a gentleman whose family member was in her class and he was so impressed by what he heard that he wanted make a donation in her honor. 

We shared this story with her and at first she said, “is this a joke”? I said no, of course. She got emotional and shared that her daughter had passed away from a drug overdose several years ago. I think she said on Christmas. She will be using this donation to establish a scholarship in her daughter’s honor, it will specifically help those struggling to overcome addiction. She had always wanted to start a scholarship but was never able to do it.

There was not a dry eye in my office.

The next day we called the donor and shared the story. He had to pull over to the side of the road he was so moved by the story.

It gets better.

I posted this story on Facebook. This moring I got an email from the local newspaper asking if they could do a story on this incredible situation. Last night I was talking with a judge friend who works in family court, specifically in juvenile drug court, I told her this story. She said this is exactly the type of scholarship that would help the kids she knows struggling with overcoming addiction, and a perfect “carrot” to help them get clean. 

You never know how one kind action will start a ripple effect of kindess in the world. Amazing. Today I am thankful for kindess.