I’m Tanya, and this is my website for sharing inspiration, community and tea!

What Inspires You?

What is something you love doing that you would like to make more time for? What would you do for enjoyment, even if you didn’t get paid for it? These are the questions that can inspire us to move in new directions. To move towards something that might seem scary but exciting at the same time. Change and new visions are possible. You don’t have to wait to get “there” to be happy, you can start living the life you love right now.

Tanya is a nonprofit executive director and coach in the Pacific Northwest. Throughout her career, Tanya has used her gifts to guide and facilitate growth in many organizations and  individuals. With 10 years of experience in organizing and fundraising for community change, Tanya has a proven track record for creating innovative solutions for success. Tanya is a fundraiser with heart who has led fundraising campaigns, organized large scale events, manages communications plans and provided organizational management leadership.

As a life coach, Tanya’s life experiences and the tools she shares help empower people to become who they truly want to be, to envision and then live their dreams. Tanya is a  holistic, heartfelt leader who truly listens and empowers.

For Tanya, writing is a touchstone and she enjoys sharing things she is working through in hopes that witnessing her journey might bring light and inspiration to yours.

“Life is a journey not a destination.” Get busy and live a life you love!