Lessons learned from love

Oh love. It makes the sun seem brighter, the flowers smell more sweetly and even the chocolate taste even more delicious.

I’ve had some great loves in my life.

At 21 I met a handsome accountant, who played frisbee golf and loved sports. He taught me about loyalty, healthy lifestyles and my body. We lasted for a few years until he wanted to get married and I needed to travel and “find myself”. I still think of him fondly when I hear a certain song.

At 26 I met a software engineer who was a single dad, made great cocktails, loved music and liberal politics. We got married and had kids. He taught me a about family, boundaries and resilience. We got divorced after our third child and we haven’t seen him since. Even though it’s been a challenge, I’m still grateful that I have three beautiful kids from that relationship.

At 36 I met a consultant focused on changing the world. He was a single dad too, an author of books and poetry and was a spontaneous adventurer. He taught me how to let go and play, nurtured my love of writing and how to believe in myself. His eyes are the color of the sea. He is a wonderful person but ultimately we were just too different.

Who knows what love will bring around the corner.

I could be bitter, frustrated or jaded, but honestly I just feel lucky to have spent time with these remarkable human beings. They each taught me things that I am incredible grateful for. I wish them all the best in life and love.

If there is one lesson that I have learned, it is that love is a teacher. You may or may not like the lesson but you are still learning and growing.

To the loves of my life, many blessings and much gratitude for the lessons you have shared with me. Here’s to new chapters, cheers!


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